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Moonbeam & Tree- The Studio

So!I have closed my current studio, all good though! I am moving home over the next few weeks/months and my current studio is on my home premises.

I'm putting the plans in place for the new studio and will be launching all info regarding this soon as I can give a better update.

I love to document though, I want to capture peoples stories in their own environments, get a real sense of self and give a personalisation to what I'm capturing.

My main focus is Birth Photography.. here me out!

It's not all about invading privacy or personal space to get an award winning hoohaa shot, its about standing back in the room, capturing all the fine details that you re missing while focusing on birthing your baby. It can be bitter sweet to be told how everything went from the perspective of others, I'd have loved to have visual memories of my husbands face while supporting me, or the relief on mine to finally be holding each one of my five sons.

it's a story, a transforming female experience, why would you not want that in a visual format to treasure?

As well as birth, I want to document other experiences, your first days at home with your new arrival, your changing body during and post pregnancy, keepsake breastfeeding/motherhood images and body confidence photoshoots.

you will see more images along these lines from me over the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing them with you.

I will update you about the studio closer to a confirmed opening date! I look forward to welcoming you and your family in the new space!

Linda x


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