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Maternity Photoshoot to Celebrate the Journey of Creating New Life

Pregnancy is the journey of creating a new life, in just 9 months, your body grows a tiny fertilised egg into a fully fleshed little human. It takes strength, endurance and power. Being pregnant is a transformative experience and one that bonds you to your child when you have them safe and tucked away within your womb.

With a maternity photoshoot, you can celebrate this magnificent journey of pregnancy. It’s the embodiment of womanly power and fertility, and something that should be recognised as an extraordinary achievement in one’s life.

At Moonbeam and Tree, we provide mothers-to-be with an intimate maternity photoshoot that is unique to their pregnancy journey. We believe in celebrating the creation of new life and paying homage to motherhood.

Why book a maternity photoshoot?

In the midst of it all, pregnancy can feel like it is going on forever, especially when your body feels tired and is depleted of energy - you are growing a whole human after all. But the truth of it is, when you look back, it will feel like your pregnancy flew in. With a maternity photoshoot, however, you will have a tangible memory of this unique experience, something to look back on and reminisce about.

It’s also a time to recognise the power of the mother and celebrate her incredible efforts to grow a new life. When the baby arrives, all of your attention will be directed towards them, but with a maternity photoshoot, it is a time to celebrate you and the journey of pregnancy.

Our bodies also constantly change when pregnant; the womb stretches, our feet swell, our breasts grow larger, among a whole other host of pregnancy-related changes. But during a maternity photoshoot, these changes are celebrated, the mother-to-be feels confident in this stage of maternity, and the power of womanhood is saluted.

Maternity photoshoot ideas

A maternity photoshoot can be entirely unique to your journey, at Moonbeam and Tree, we can include elements of your personal style, creating a pregnancy image that is bespoke and truly personalised.

Maternity photoshoot with props

You can include a range of props within your maternity photoshoot. In our sessions, we tend to include soft fabrics and feathers to represent femininity and the gentle nature of motherhood. Although, if you have a certain sentimental piece you would like to include, i.e.) a candle, vase, etc, be sure to mention it in the consultation and we will include it as best as we can.

Maternity photoshoot outdoor

You can also opt to have your maternity photoshoot in an outdoor setting, which looks great in representing mother nature alongside a mother-to-be. The only challenge with this option is that you are relying on the weather and hoping for a pleasant day.

If there is a certain outdoor setting that you would like to hold your maternity photoshoot at, be sure to mention it in the consultation and we will work with your ideas as best we can.

Pregnancy photoshoot with family

A maternity photoshoot is also a time to celebrate those around you who are supporting your journey in pregnancy. It’s an extremely special time for couples who are bringing new life into this world and becoming parents to a child that they will love and adore for the rest of their lives.

At Moonbeam and Tree, we can create some really special images that capture the bond between expecting parents and their anticipation for their new arrival. It’s a sentimental experience and a time to appreciate your life together before the baby is due.

Maternity photoshoot gown

Many mothers-to-be opt for wearing a gown for their maternity photoshoot, this is a lovely choice as the dress will accentuate the bump and flatter the shape of the pregnant woman. The most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful in whatever you decide to wear.

Maternity photoshoot in underwear

At Moonbeam and Tree, we also aren't afraid to show a little skin and celebrate the mother's body in their bare form. We will create tasteful images that show off the bump in all its glory whilst celebrating the female form during pregnancy.

Maternity photoshoot poses

There are many different maternity photoshoots poses for capturing that perfect image. We will work with the mother-to-be and surrounding family members to position you in place for that money shot.

We can try out different poses, whether it’s a standing pose that highlights the growing bump, a seated position that represents the caring nature of motherhood or an image of a couple’s embrace in anticipation of their new arrival - we create a bespoke image that represents your individual journey of pregnancy.

If you would like some more inspiration for your maternity photoshoot, be sure to check out our gallery page of previous maternity photoshoots.

How much does a maternity photoshoot cost?

At Moonbeam and Tree, we strive to provide a service that can accommodate various budgets. We offer three different maternity photoshoot packages; check out the details of each below.

Jelly Bean package

Cost: £299


  • Consultation prior to session

  • Photoshoot up to 90min

  • In-person viewing​

  • 5 High-resolution Digital Images

  • 5 Matching 7x5" Prints

  • Family Images included in the session

Dumpling package

Cost: 399


  • Consultation prior to session​

  • Photoshoot up to 90min​

  • In person viewing

  • 10 High-resolution Digital Images

  • 10 Matching 7x5" Prints

  • Family images included in the session

Pickle package

Cost: £599


  • Consultation prior to session​

  • Photoshoot up to 120 min​

  • In Person Viewing​

  • 15 High-resolution digital images​

  • 15 matching 7x5" Mounted prints

  • Family Images included in the session

  • Facebook timeline cover photo collage

  • £100 credit towards any wall art purchase

Maternity photoshoot near me

Moonbeam and Tree is located in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. We provide mothers-to-be with a unique maternity photoshoot that celebrates this incredible journey of creating new life.

If you would like to book a maternity photoshoot during your pregnancy, be sure to book as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment, as our calendar is usually booked out months in advance.

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