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Your Birth Story 

When you book your birth with me, it will be the most important booking in my diary.


I will not have two births booked at the same time.


When you call me in active labour I aim to be with you within 90mins.


In the unlikely event that I cannot make your Birth I will give you the option of sending a fellow birth photographer, but I promise, nothing will keep me away! I will always do my best to be there.


I will have your story prepared for you within 3weeks.


I will have a birth announcement image ready within 24hrs.


What if my baby arrives before you get there? In the unlikely event your baby arrives before I get there I will capture all those first moments postpartum, capturing all the tiny details and intimate bond between mum, dad, sibling(s) and baby. This can be transferred to returning within the first few days once you are settled and we can do a fresh 48 session.

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