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Family Photoshoots

I had the pleasure of photographing four brothers a few weeks ago! On a rare trip from Canada, when their calendars lined up for a little reunion at the family farm.

I really really enjoyed this, as a boy mama, to see that connection and glimpse into childhood playfulness amongst these guys made me wonder about my own and hope they keep as strong a bond through adulthood.

it really made me wonder though, how often as adults, do we get together with siblings to capture memories? We do this as children but how amazing would it be to do this as adults too?

The photo on the right is a recreation of a photo from 20 years ago! in the same

spot and it's got me thinking!

Find a family photo and recreate it! I have one sister and I am DEFENITELY going to do this, give it a go! I would love to see what you come up with.

Linda x

* update on the studio, oh my goodness, I honestly cannot wait to show you all and confirm an opening date! at the moment we are aiming towards August and Diary will be open for September bookings!

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