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Birth Photography

Have you ever thought about having your birth documented?

When I tell people I want to specialise in motherhood and births I tend to get a few funny looks!

why would you want to do that? do people really want photos of that?!

errr.... yeah! they do!

look it up! and if your squeamish tilt your head and squint 😆

Anyone who has already given birth, our memories tend to be a little hazy and why wouldn't they be?! we are focusing on bringing another life into the world, managing our surges and becoming warriors!

but...imagine you got to have a glimpse into your power? watching your birth team support you, the reactions on everyone's faces when you bring new life earthside?

Imagine you got to keep these visuals, documented. To look back on, to see this experience in front of your eyes.

Giving Birth is a transformative experience! Documenting that transition into the new you, wouldn't that be amazing???!

If this is something you want to know more about, ask questions! I'm here and I can't wait to hear from you!

Linda xx

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